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My name is Luke Fandrich and I'm a professional photographer, editor, and filmmaker based in Alberta, Canada. I launched the Editing Luke brand and website as a film student. Today, Editing Luke is my full time business and media production company.


Since 2007 the work I've shared on Editing Luke has reached millions of people around the world. This has lead to some amazing opportunities as the company has grown, and has further emphasized the importance of developing original content and searching out new stories to tell. 

From promotional campaigns and cultural documentaries to travel photography and editorial content, I have built a brand and reputation centred around sharing experiences. My production work and travel shoots have taken me around the world and have fostered lifelong connections.

My films, for example, have screened at international film festivals in the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and across Canada. My photography has been published, exhibited, commissioned, and even featured on postcards and billboards. And then there's the Editing Luke website itself, which continues to attract a wider and more diverse audience with each new project and photo essay.


Creating original content through photography and video has been my focus since Editing Luke debuted. I continue to have a genuine passion for multimedia and a desire to showcase the world around me in new and exciting ways.


Have an idea, a general question, or just want to make an introduction? Let's connect. Click below to send a direct message to the Editing Luke inbox.    




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