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"My goal is to create engaging multimedia content focused on sharing authentic experiences. Whether I'm travelling across the country or shooting in my own backyard, I see video and photography as compelling mediums for storytelling, expression, and documenting the intricacies of the world around us."

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Vintage #Alberta
Shape, color, symmetry, design, texture
Blue #punchbuggy! No returns!_#htrusa
Surf shop
On 2nd - a brand new #documentary short
Does it still count as merch if you've o
Hey, is there anybody out there? 😕 All
A vintage postcard of Castle Mountain ma
Make the everyday stuff part of your adv
 want to shoot before fall arrives
Heading east today for one more adventur


Editing Luke is an independent multimedia production company specializing in various styles of promotional photography, video, and content creation based in Alberta, Canada.

Everything distorted but the the lens
While Alberta's Rockies are always capti
I want to send a big thank you to the Me
Sometimes random snapshots become the be
There's no place in southern Alberta qui
It's not everyday you share a room with
The conclusion of my photo series from t
Off to document a few more cities

what i do

Promotional videos, travel & tourism shoots, editorial content,

cultural showcases, documentaries, concert photography,

photo essays, commerical videography, and much more.

Back filming at _medalta this afternoon with _medaltoid. Bit by bit this project is coming together
Gord Downie and _thetragicallyhip were amazing last night in #MedicineHat! New images of their perfo
 Free Fallin' 😉 #tompetty #editingluke
Got some great shots at the #rodeo tonight
Heading north
Stay classic
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